About Us

Hemp Crate Co works with some of the best CBD Flower brands to bring customers what they've always wanted; high-quality CBD delivered to their doorstep every month. Hemp Crate Co is the leading CBD subscription box company on the market. Every month we work with top flower curators such as Tweedle Farms and American Standard Hemp Co. to bring you the best strains out there. 

Each month you'll get the finest artisan CBD flower curated by our awesome partners -- nice full buds. No shake or trim, just the best nugs the market has to offer. You'll also receive one other rotating CBD product from some of the brands that Hemp Crate Co partners with. This exclusive and premium flower box is released in limited quantity each month to ensure only the highest quality CBD is delivered. Make sure to get yours quickly as we will sell out -- we only release a limited quantity each month based on availability of the highest quality flower.